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Re-Build A Better You ™:

 A Breakthrough Success Coaching Program


Women Entrepreneurs & Solo-Preneurs

Is your business growing the way you want?

Are you able to take time off and still make money from your business?

Have you received a good return on your investment from your marketing?

Do you work harder and longer hours?

Do you want financial freedom, more time, more energy and a low stressed life?

Are you ready for my Re-Build A Better You™: Breakthrough Success Coaching Program?

If you answered YES to any of the above question, we'er here to HELP! 

This and more is possible for you. I'm an advocate for Women Entreprenuers & Solo-Preneurs.. I believe we can all be as successful and fulfilled as we so desire. We can create  financial abundance with all our GOD-GIVING gifts and can have a powerful positive impact on the world.

My name is Patricia Richardson-Hurndon, as a Certified Master Business Success & Life Coach and my goal is to help you as a hard working entrepreneur uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. Helping you to make the most radical improvements in your business and life is my focus.  

I also provide the support and guidance as a business success & Life coach for transforming the issues that stand in the way of you achieving a specific outcome and to enhance all the other areas of your life.

What is the Re-Build A Better You™: Breakthrough Success Coaching Program?

Re-Build A Better You™: Breakthrough Success Coaching Program is a 11-weekly sessions self-paced personal growth program founded on the idea that success and happiness ultimately come from enhanced self-awareness. Through this program you will be guided through a success alignment, which covers essential personal growth components such as: values, beliefs, goals, skills, support and success plus other tools to ensure your success.

If you are at a crossroad in your life and don't know which road to take next, my Re-Build A Better You™: Breakthrough Success Coaching Program is exactly what you've been looking for. The program is a guided, exploratory tour to understanding yourself better, so that you can create a life that has meaning and heart for you.
 Re-Build A Better You: Breakthrough Success Coaching Program will help you to:   
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of what makes you tick
  • Make decisions that are congruent with your values
  • Explore your own empowering and disempowering beliefs
  • Create a skills development plan for yourself
  • Set and Achieve Your Business and Life Goals 
  • View success on your own terms
  • Be held accountable for achieving your own goals
Are you committed or merely interested? Shifting is only the beginning. As you move out of your current experience into a new way of doing and having, it requires conscious maintenance of this new state of being that moves you into patterns that no longer serve you. You’ll be working at all levels, too, as you integrate the changes you are making physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. So, if you are ready to begin your journey to a more successful business and a more fulfilled life you desire to live with, let's get YOU STARTED TODAY!  Request you FREE 30 minute " Success Consultation" Here!  

I will partner with you in my 11-weekly sessions of  Re-Build A Better You: Breakthrough Success Coaching Program to ensure your SUCCESS.

For many years, I have successfully coached a selected number of dedicated clients who wanted to ultimately identify and stop the struggle in their lives so they could move on to new levels of success, better living and giving in their lives. You can, too! If you are inspired to do better in life, go after and capture higher levels of success or desperate to get unstuck in your business and or personal life. Re-Build A Better You ™: Breakthrough Success Coaching Program might very well be your best option. Step-by-step, it will progressively move you past perceived limitations to living with purpose, confidence fulfillment and re-ignite with PASSION. With my help, you will establish and execute a powerful personal plan of action that will enable you to make your current professional and personal life much, much better.

I’m here to be your partner, your sounding board and your biggest supporter. 

Whatever it takes to create the kind of lifestyle and business you’ve always dreamed of, we’re going to make it happen, TOGETHER!   Request your FREE 30 minute "Success  Consultation" TODAY!


Re-Build A Better You™: Breakthrough Success Coaching Program:

Your 11-Weekly Sessons
Re-Build A Better You™: Breakthrough Success Coaching Program Include:
  • A Welcome Packet designed to help you get clarity on what you want to accomplish in 11-weeks so that our time together is laser-focused on getting you the results you want
  • 11 x 50 minutes one-on-on sessions to help you stay on the path toward creating the business and lifestyle you desire.
  • Assessments, homework and insights tailored to your personal accountability action plan
  • Unlimited email support between sessions--feel free to send me questions, materials to review, or anything else you need support with for duration of the 11-weeks together
  • Unlimited phone support between sessions
  • Customized resources and recommendations--throughout the program I will send resources, articles, referrals and recommendations for books and other supplementary tools specially tailored to you and your business
  • Additional 6-Months of monthly follow-up/accountability mini-coaching for 5 minutes by phone
  • Weekly schedule and tracking
  • Access to the website resources and hot topics
  • 1 x 45-minute Final Wrap-up Coaching Session
  • Bonus #1The purpose of this eBook is to help you find your real passion within. You will learn many techniques that will help you find your true passion and learn ways you can go about make them a reality. Once you finish this eBook you will know yourself well enough to know exactly what your true passion is. You will know what you need to do to make your dreams a reality by using your passion and becoming a successful person.
  • Bonus #2This journal is provided to assist you to get the most from your coaching program. You can use the journal to plan what you would like to achieve with the program, to prepare for sessions and to document your progress.


Why 11 Sessions?

 This period of time, has been identified as a key period for defining and working on goals and intentions. Starting here today, you are essentially working on the business of your life. In 11 sessions, you can make dramatic and measurable changes in your life and business. Get clear about your destinations, then discover, over time, the paths you will take to get you there. After all the exercises are complete, we will make sure you stay on track with your plan and support you to make the behavioral changes you need to achieve your vision statements. You have the chance to revisit your plan and purpose and make adjustments, to receive feedback; to act, assess and adjust, making course corrections to move you forward more powerfully to where you want to be. You have the opportunity to reflect on the changes within yourself and your world.  

Once you have decided that this is the system for you, we will send you the Coaching Agreement for your signature. If you have any questions about the Agreement, we will answer them to your satisfaction.

Upon our receipt of both your signed Coaching Agreement and Payment we will confirm this with you, and send you your 'Welcome Packet' to give you an overview of future curriculum, and to provide your assignment (s) and materials for your first session within 48-hours.

We welcome you and cannot wait to get started working together, so we can create a powerful momentum that takes your business and personal success to the next level


Re-Build A Better You™: Breakthrough Success Coaching Program

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I Guarantee Your Satisfaction With Success Coaching!

No one can guarantee the specific results a person will get from coaching, but I do guarantee your satisfation with the coaching process. If at anytime your're not content with the direction of coaching, simply let me know and I'll take the necessary steps needed to return power to the coaching relationship. Your honesty about what you want in your life and from coaching is vital to our continuing success of partnering together..

If you feel our restructing is not effective, let me know that and at the end of second session together, but before the third session and you've taken all the actions you agreed to, you've followed through with a 100% commitment to your progress and you're not satisfied with how you were coached, I will return the coaching fees you've paid to me.

Bottom line: I want you to be a happy and successful client.



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